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It's very simple: you have the steering wheel in front of you, the accelerator pedal on the right and the brake pedal on the left. You just have to keep in mind that you should never press both pedals at the same time.

Not at all! It is a very easy to control vehicle and has many built-in safety measures (side guards and roll bar). On top of this, there is also an external safety control system (which allows us to reduce the speed and stop the go-kart in case of danger) and constant maintenance to keep them in tip-top condition.

All you need is comfortable clothes and plenty of energy to have a good time; we will provide you with the rest. When you get your ticket, we will give you a hygienic hairnet and approved helmets. Back cushions are also available.

The following are strictly forbidden:

  • Riding shirtless, wearing a scarf or under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances.
  • Crashing into other drivers (they are not bumper cars).
  • Getting out of the go-kart on the track.
  • Disobeying the orders of the track staff, and may be expelled if they are disregarded.

Each ticket is valid for 8 minutes on the track (except for the F-400 go-kart, which lasts for 10 minutes). Although at first glance it does not seem a very long time, driving a go-kart can be quite tiring. Rest assured that you will be more than satisfied in this time.

As a general rule, no. We have kiosks where you can print your ticket in less than two minutes. However, you do need to book for group race packs (stag/hen parties, companies, teams...) and birthdays.

Safety is the most important thing for us, of course. Our go-karting track is equipped with the latest safety measures, such as TEC PRO crash barriers (used in Formula 1) as well as wide run-off areas, over 9 metre wide track and, as if that wasn't enough, we use anti-slip paint (red, white and blue) on the corners to prevent the go-kart from skidding.

Although our go-karts are constantly being serviced by our qualified staff, we cannot forget that they are machines and can fail.

If you notice that the engine is not working properly or a tyre is punctured, you must enter the pits slowly so that our staff can change the go-kart for you. If this is not possible and the engine stops, you should not get up from the go-kart; instead, raise your hand and wait for our staff to change your go-kart as quickly as possible.

The minimum age required for a child to ride alone in a go-kart is 6 years old, and always provided that he/she can reach the pedals.

To reassure them and their parents, yes, they can get in the tandem go-kart. It is a two-seater go-kart where the child can drive the steering wheel while the adult, as well as driving the steering wheel, takes the controls for accelerating and braking.

No. We separate children and adults in different sessions, as it can be dangerous (adult go-karts are faster). The only exception is if there are not too many people, we can put children and adults together if they are a family.